Dec 8, 2011

Lesson 1 #sfpwcnd

Lesson 1 #sfpwcnd
Sketching for people who cannot draw, lesson 1: Find something that leaves a mark on paper. Test it in a diary, journal or old book. #sfpwcnd

(if you don't know what this is about, take a look at this blogpost)

Made some marks on an newspaper with my coffee...

I was dispappointed to find almost no visible marks after 30 minutes (maybe stronger coffee next time?) and used what was left of it to doodle a little (and played with a new video app on my phone;))

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  1. It's ironic isn't it? When you don't want it too, like on important papers at work, your coffee or tea will stain like there's no tomorrow and now you need it to leave it mark and it's invisible! Sigh.