Mar 27, 2013

How to make your own stamps

This is how I make my own stamps:

- find a picture on the internet or draw something yourself. Don't forget to flip your picture 180 degrees horizontally before you print it!!

- I'm using a cheap large eraser for this stamp and start with some doodles on a piece of paper.


- on the back of the paper/your drawing/print: use a lot of charcoal;-))



- place the paper on the eraser and trace your drawing (transfer it)


(I didn't do a very neat job this time, but it's a simple drawing so I simply traced it with a pen...with a little help from my assistent Bob;-))
- cutting (I'm using a very cheap lino-cutting tool)

- inking and fine-tuning....


I hope you enjoyed my very first tutorial;-))

Have fun!!!


#tvmdndt 13

#tvmdndt 13 Teken paaseieren en versier ze.


Mar 25, 2013

Lifebook 2013 Week 1

I am just randomly doing the LifeBook assignments, no logic in it;-))


Stuff I used:


Mar 23, 2013

LifeBook 2013 Week 12


A Close Up:

Stuff I used (and not in the photo: some bubblewrap)

And yes, I used the stamps I made today!!! (See previous post)


An apple a day...23-03-2013

An apple a day keeps the doctor away...

Stamp making


Mar 20, 2013

#tvmdndt 12

#tvmdndt 12 Teken in 1 minuut een portret met je verkeerde hand


Mar 13, 2013

#tvmdndt 11

#tvmdndt 11

Teken een eenvoudige vorm in het midden.

Herhaal de vorm eromheen als jaarringen van een boom.