Feb 22, 2013

Journal pages

Finally started working in my Pooh journal! (And still working in 5 other journals...;-))






Feb 17, 2013

An apple a day...17-02-13

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Just playing with my phone









Feb 13, 2013

Feb 9, 2013

Week 6 LifeBook 2013



This was one of Tamara's lessons in the LifeBook class. I really love her class and her videos!

Although I have tons of art supplies, I didn't have all the stuff she used and had to improvise a little...

This is what I used:









Feb 6, 2013

#tvmdndt 6 een mislukte tekening

#tvmdndt 6 Maak met opzet een mislukte tekening.

Dat is niet zo moeilijk;-)