Jan 2, 2011

sketchbook for the sketchcrawl

First I want to wish everybody a very happy and creative newyear!!

It’s been a little quiet here. I’ve been working on a sketchbook for children with my friend Loes. It’s a little book with assigments/challenges for the sketchcrawl on jan. 22th in Gouda. I had a really great time working on it and I hope children of all ages will have fun working in it…

(look around you and draw what you see)

(find the monsters)

this one is already been altered by Loes, visit her Flickr site for more

This is what my desk looked like...a little bit chaotic. See the post-its? These are all the ideas I got while almost falling asleep...I'm lucky to be able to write without looking and without turning on the lights (or I would have been starting the new year as a very single girl;)) 

If you want to see more of our 'book' (and do some art yourself), go to slideshare and visit our blog