May 22, 2016


Tadaa! My new journal:

It is a SenseBook, but I've altered it a little: added a little to the cover and a few elastic bands. 

May 21, 2016


just finished my latest woodburning project...

Next project probably will be a leather-burning project ;-)

May 17, 2016

Journal update

I really like my Midori Travelers Notebook! My current insert is filled with craftpaper. I have covered the outside with photo's and clear tape. When travelling 'light' I can take out the insert and leave the other stuff at home. (On the left my previous insert, on the right my current)

As you can see I am totally into photography again.... Taking my Lomography camera's with me everywhere! Most of the photo's in this journal are Lomo's.

May 15, 2016


Surprise! We (sketchcrawl Gouda ladies) got published!!!
(It was a surprise to me, Loes did know;-))

Bruisen, brouwen, binden! By Heleen van Praag
More info on the website:

May 14, 2016

Stamps and woodburning

Made some stamps:


This onze was a birthday gift for my friend Caatje. She has a new cat named Spooky.


This stamp I made for our sketchcrawl at the museum in Gouda. The stamp is the hat of Erasmus.



My first attempts at Pyrography....


And I discovered I really, really like woodburning ;-))