Jun 16, 2013

Tales of the seven seas

Preparing my new journal. It's an old librairy book and I have been spraypainting all day. A challenge: I used only one color for the background and it's not my favorite color... The pages and my hands are green now;-))




Jun 8, 2013

Teesha style collaged mermaids

I've never been a fan of collage. Really liked Teesha Moore's collages but never liked making my own collages. Well...Mermaid Circus really changed that;-))

For this one I used the collage sheets we got from Teesha and copyright free images from a book

I've been working on the next pages for weeks...was really frustrated by them. I had this idea in my head: oh this page will be so and so...and of course it didn't turn out that way. I guess the reason for that was being new to collage...trying to copy things that look great but not knowing how to do it. But...I know that when I look back at these pages in a year or so, I will think: huh, why did I hate them so much? ;-))