May 29, 2011


I'm so glad I worked in my journal today... it's only one page, but it was the first in weeks

Some people draw their lunch/coffee, but why let it get cold;) Drawing the logo of the restaurant is okay too, don't you think...
After a delicious mochachino, I visited the Dunya Festival and watched the Battle of the Drums (about 8 Brassbands). It was great, but to dynamic for my drawing skills

May 28, 2011

Addicted to doodling

I have yet another book full with ugly creatures!!!
For the next book I will try to add more detail and some dept in the drawings. Read a great blog about that by Carla Sonheim.

May 22, 2011

May 15, 2011

Ugly Creatures

In one of the previous blogs I complained about not working in my journal enough, but I kinda forgot that I had been working on other stuff... oops;)
Sinterklaas gave me a nice Moleskine diary (12 actually, there's one for every month) and I've been using them for todo lists and grocery lists. After a month I cover all pages with paint and fill the pages with doodles. With all the marks in the paint, there's always an eye, nose or an ear in there. Before you know it, the most ugly creatures emerge;) 

May 6, 2011


What started as a weekend camping, relaxing and watching hanggliding,

ended in a big surprise: sleeping in a real castle!

Everything was so beautiful and luxurious, I was totally overwhelmed, unprepared and definitely underdressed in my old jeans and army boots (with the clay still on them;))

This was our room...(wow!)

A little copy and paste from their website:

The history of the castle:
According to historical records the Castle and its initial 1 606 acres were established as hunting grounds and layed out along the likings of Louis XIV, the Roi Soleil, who was attracted to the exquisite scenery and lush landscapes.

The park:
These delightfull lush green 136 acres were designed by an apprentice of le Nôtre.
Le Nôtre was the landscaping architect of Louis XIV, designer of -amongst others- the Versailles gardens and other historical landscapes.

The windows had big windowsills; we could easily sit in there together.

one of the many salons

definitely the best surprise ever;)