Nov 24, 2013


Last weekend we had a campfire (for two days;-))

This drawing was done from a photo I made...didn't draw at all that weekend although there was enough carcoal for a couple of drawings....



My birthday present...







Oct 17, 2013

An apple a day... 17-10-2013

A couple of baby sketches (trying to draw a card for a collegue) and of course the cat is watching;-))




Aug 5, 2013

Mermaid shaped book

Another page in my little mermaid journal...



Blind contour drawings

A little trick to start journalling: doing blind contour only takes a few minutes and it can never be a good drawing so why just not do it??? And it always works!! ;-))



Aug 1, 2013

Mermaid shaped book

I started working in the mermaid shaped book again. Really want to finish both journals before the classroom closes...


Jul 28, 2013

Another page in my mermaid journal...

Did another page in the mermaid journal....I'm not sure if it's finished yet...

And made some photo's of the process...





Stuff I used:


Jul 26, 2013

An apple a day...2013-07-26

Playing with a new app on my phone and got kind of carried away;-))






Jul 22, 2013

An apple a day...2013-07-22

I had almost everything ready for an evening session with my journal....went inside to get something to drink....and this is what I found when I got back;-))