Jan 28, 2016

Caffenol workshop

I am not a word/text person, so here's the the text from the official workshop/website:

What’s black, white, and caffeinated all over? Your next analog pic, that’s what. Be prepped to add one more point to the list of reasons why coffee is the best thing ever, because the peeps from Lomography are going to show ya how to develop pictures with it. First up is a bit of info on how analog photography works.

After that, you’ll head out on the town to shoot a full roll of black and white film with a La Sardina camera (provided by the Lomo peeps). Then you’ll head on back to the apartment to develop the pics yourself with COFFEE – and get a bit more info on caffenol development in general. And you won’t just have to use the coffee, you’ll have plenty to drink on us.

Photos taken with my phone during the workshop

Below: photos taken with the La Sardina camera and developped with coffee

















Photos with the Diana Mini Camera and colorfilm (lab- develop&print)
















Our crazy old cat passed away...

Its soo quiet without him...