Apr 25, 2011

Journal update

I have been working in my journal very irreguraly and it doesn't feel good... but somehow I just can't start...
(suggestions are welcome;))

anyway, here's some stuff i did made:

Visited Art Rotterdam and used some of the free stuff in my journal.
Below: bought Bister. Untill recently I never heard of it (it's old and not so many people use it anymore I think) but it's fun to work with and I've been using it for a couple of journal pages.

Made some eraserstamps for friends. Above (on the right) for Caatje's birthday. I used her artwork as an example. (visit her blog for more!)  Below (left) a stamp for my friend Loes. It's made after the logo she has for her company (she made it herself, check out her site). And below (right) a stamp to say thank you to some nice people with very good ideas (GoudaBruist).

Carving a stamp is real easy and after making all these stamps for other people, I tried one for myself. And that was the first one that didn't work out... I had been using pink erasers, but the last one I bought had teethmarks in it. I guess somebody thought it was a piece of candy;) So I bought a different brand after that for my own stamp. These didn't carve so well. (The stamp with 'monkiesmooiste' on it, is no longer with us;) Back to buying the nice pink ones and checking it for teethmarks!

Apr 13, 2011

Cat or dog???

My new sweety just can't live without me and follows me like a little puppy... it's so cute and i'm such a softy: found myself on my knees on the floor emailing, cause i didn't want to wake the cat;)

(I took this last one about 1 minute ago...nice working like this;))