Jul 29, 2011

Drawing Lab 8

Lab 8: Imaginary Creatures

The pages for this Lab have been lying on and around my drawing table for a year... You're supposed to paint sheets of paper with red, blue and yellow watercolor, just random marks. After you've done this, look at the paper and try to find creatures in your paint.
I painted the paper, saw nothing in there and put it aside to look at it later...A couple of times (when cleaning my drawing table) I did try again, but there just was no creature there. That's kind of strange if you look at my past blogs: all creatures found in paint blobs. And after seeing all this great drawings made by other people doing the Drawing Lab assignments I made myself find something in there;))

Jul 24, 2011

Drawing Lab (old stuff)

Exactly one year ago I started doing some exercises from the book: Drawing Lab by Carla Sonheim. (In case you don't know this book, check out her website here).
The Labs are easy and fun. But after Lab 7 I had a lot of other things to do and never made it back to the book...untill today!!

You have to wait a little bit longer for the new Labs; in this blog only old stuff;))

Lab 1: Draw Cats In Bed

Lab 2: Blind Contour Giraffes

Lab 6: Index Card Multiples

Lab 7: Monkey Business

Jul 14, 2011

Ugly Creatures IV

Made more paint-blob-doodles... Seem to be addicted to doodling:)
And I am really trying to put a little more time and effort in presenting my work on the blog (read: taking the time to make some nice photographs of it) Hope you like it!

Jul 13, 2011

EDM challenge 29

Draw something architectural...

It was a rainy day when I started this drawing so I found a nice warm and dry place (the public library) with a view on some great architectural project in Rotterdam: the cube-houses or tree-houses.

I really thought the cube-houses would be easy to draw...stupid huh? I erased and erased and erased...at home I tried to use photographs (didn't work) and finally even made my own scalemodel using little woodenblocks and kneaded erasers...

happy to move on to the next challenge!!!

Jul 10, 2011


Suddenly had the urge to visit my favorite island, booked a little apartment and went to Vlieland! (leaving man and cat behind, with lots of food, so don't feel sorry for them;))

Less than a year ago, the apartment had been sold to new owners so the furniture was new and had a nice beachy theme. I tried to draw some of it (two little statues of funny ladies were standing on the table)

Did only three drawings during my whole visit, took only a couple of photographs (less than a hundred, that's a new record!), did lots of reading, lots of walking on the beach and watching the ocean...

I did some social stuff too, visited my friends:
-F&N (met their newest cat: Mauwritz & got lots of doggie kisses from my two favorite islandpets)
-Caatje (who showed me all the artwork she made since my last trip to the island: very beautifull journals, collages, paintings. She's been very busy and I was kind of jealous;))
-and met with a colleague who was visiting the island too, with her boyfriend and their kids. (and was able to see some parts of the island normally not open for public thanks to them;))

As you can imagine, with such a busy schedule I didn't have much time for cooking and  lived on a very 'healthy' diet of french fries and pizza. Didn't want to eat that again in the next couple of weeks and guess what my lovely husband wanted to eat yesterday: french fries ARGHHHHH

Jul 2, 2011

School's out...

School's out for summer: that's worth a little celebration and celebrate we did! Had a great party with my colleagues at the beach. No work for the next six weeks !!!