Aug 29, 2011

EDM 35 Draw a bicycle

Drawing something you use everyday should be easy, but this one wasn't easy... Drawing, erasing, drawing, erasing....till the point where you could see an imprint of a bicycle on my paper;) Finally I just painted the shape of the bike (frustrated artist;))

Aug 23, 2011

Drawing Lab 9 & 11

After taking some photographic detour I got back on track with my drawing exercises (Drawing Lab by Carla Sonheim). Most of them are easy to do and more important: fun!!
Drawing Lab 9: Wrong-handed portaits and Drawing Lab 11: Cheater Blinds were both kind of BlindContourDrawing exercises. Did those alot, but I never succeed doing the drawing without looking at my paper. Lucky me: cheating was allowed;)

Aug 21, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Don't know how I got there, but I found a new challenge: Scavenger Hunt Sunday and here are my entries:  


 had to get messy for this one: liked it!


Hanging by a thread

I just couldn't chose between these two...;)


 This is a close-up from a photocollage I made years ago with leftover-testprints from the darkroom. My new camera has a cool macro-button which I've been testing;)

On the dotted line

this is how they tried to teach me to write...

Had a good time doing this challenge. Enjoyed thinking things over and playing with my camera. 

Aug 19, 2011

EDM 33 Draw an eye

Finally bought a scratching post for our cat yesterday. I've had cats before and I've made&bought scratching posts before, but never had a cat that wanted to use it.... So I thought it would be a waste of money, but I had to try something to keep Bob from using my chair for other things than just sleeping on it;)
He has been officially living with us for 5 months now (and visiting very often before that), but I've never seen him scratching his nails inside the house till a couple of weeks ago. Don't know why he started but he had to stop doing it!
So there's a brand new one in our living room and surprise, surprise: he is using it!!!! Not just once but everytime he sees it;)

( very stupid question: a cat can only use the scratching post for his frontpaws. How do they sharpen their other nails?????  I've tried to ask Bob, but he didn't want to tell. Maybe he was angry with me for not using him as a model for this challenge...)

Aug 17, 2011

France part 2

and the main reason for all this cloud watching (see part 1): hanggliding!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm just there as a 'photographer'... my sweetie is one of the pilots and he did have some real nice airtime (3hours max flight;))

Aug 16, 2011

France part 1

Clouds and mountains... (and yes, we had really nice weather although it doesn't look like it in this pictures;))

Ugly Creatures VI

I am still addicted to doodling;)