Jul 28, 2013

Another page in my mermaid journal...

Did another page in the mermaid journal....I'm not sure if it's finished yet...

And made some photo's of the process...





Stuff I used:



Jul 26, 2013

An apple a day...2013-07-26

Playing with a new app on my phone and got kind of carried away;-))






Jul 22, 2013

An apple a day...2013-07-22

I had almost everything ready for an evening session with my journal....went inside to get something to drink....and this is what I found when I got back;-))

Jul 21, 2013

Mermaid Circus, Tam style mixed media pages


After doing the LifeBook lesson yesterday, I decided to use the same technique for some pages in my MermaidCircus journal


Used some dolls as a model

First draw the mermaid and the fish:


Gesso and pencil:

Collage, matt medium, more gesso:

And some more pencil and neocolors:





Jul 20, 2013

LifeBook 2013 week 23

I've very busy with work and other stuff and didn't have time and energy to make any art. But now...next 5,5 weeks no work!!! Holiday!!! I celebrated by starting the LifeBook 2013 lessons again. Loved it!




Jul 10, 2013

#tvmdndt 28

#tvmdndt 28 Leg een munt onder je papier en maak een afdruk met potlood of waskrijt.

Jul 8, 2013

#tvmdndt 27


#tvmdndt 27 Teken alleen de contourlijn van een plant of dier voor het raam.