Nov 23, 2014

The GUP journal

My latest journal is a Moleskine Sketchbook. I've altered the cover with some photos of an old photography magazine, GUP (guide to unique photography).


The inspiration for this kind of journaling came from watching lots and lots of videos by Teesha Moore on the Artstronautsclub.

Most pages need some more work, but I keep forgetting to post my stuff so here they are;-))









Jul 10, 2014

The making of the sketchbookery-sketchbook

Yesterday, while I was watching the semi-finals of the world championship soccer, I made my Sketchbookery-Sketchbook. (Sketchbookery link here;-))


I didn't have a book in the right size that I could use, so I made my own sketchbook...

The signatures are made from this paper:


The cover is made of paper, fabric, and pieces of cardboard (?)


Because I was watching the game I glued the fabric and the ribbons on the paper...a bit lazy, I know;-))


I never used glue for fabric and discovered (afterwards;-)) the glue is still visible when it's dry...It doesn't bother me!

And today the first page: