Jun 22, 2011


A couple of old pages with doodles for inspiration (mostly for myself to make some more, just do it!)

Jun 13, 2011

EDM challenge 27

Draw a book

Yesterday we had some guests and cause it was getting late, the youngest slept a couple of hours in our bed. Last dec. my mother gave me some boxes with books she still had from when I was young (ages ago) so I knew I had a fairy tale book somewhere. The words and the tales were too hard for a 3 year old (I problaby read them  myself when I was a lot older) and we made up our own stories with the pictures we saw in the book. Unnecessary to say he didn't sleep a lot;)

Jun 11, 2011

Trains, boats and a UFO

An extra long weekend got me in a holiday mood...
First I visited the Boijmans museum in Rotterdam. In the middle of the exhibition was an UFO...It's actually a mobile holiday home from the 60's made by Matti Suuronen. (more info here)

After visiting the museum and no shopping at all (wow!) I got back on my bike and was right on time for the Fast Ferry home. It was kind of busy on the river with police and port-of-rotterdam boats (or is it 'ships'?). Turned out to be a ship launching! Cool! I had visions of big waves and splashes ;)
I made a lot of pictures and totally forgot that my camera has a videobutton on it... stupid!

At the same time there was a little event called Summersteam. I felt a little out of place: not of the right age (very young or very old) and being female...

Boys and their toys...sigh;)

Jun 5, 2011

Snail paradise

We had some rain this morning (didn't have much of that lately) so it was time for a little garden inspection. First thing I saw was a snail doing a backward flip... I ran inside to get my camera and he was already done when I came back! These guys are fast, never noticed that before. And funny too (and slimy and iek of course...)

oops, falling of