Jul 13, 2011

EDM challenge 29

Draw something architectural...

It was a rainy day when I started this drawing so I found a nice warm and dry place (the public library) with a view on some great architectural project in Rotterdam: the cube-houses or tree-houses.

I really thought the cube-houses would be easy to draw...stupid huh? I erased and erased and erased...at home I tried to use photographs (didn't work) and finally even made my own scalemodel using little woodenblocks and kneaded erasers...

happy to move on to the next challenge!!!


  1. I knew that feeling. You should see all the scaled models I have in the studio.

  2. I've never gone this far. Normally I just paste something over it or turn the page and find a new subject;)

  3. You definately chose a difficult subject, well done for seeing it through!

  4. You are the smart one to physically work out the problem. Nice work.

  5. Nice sketch! Thanks for your comments!