Apr 25, 2011

Journal update

I have been working in my journal very irreguraly and it doesn't feel good... but somehow I just can't start...
(suggestions are welcome;))

anyway, here's some stuff i did made:

Visited Art Rotterdam and used some of the free stuff in my journal.
Below: bought Bister. Untill recently I never heard of it (it's old and not so many people use it anymore I think) but it's fun to work with and I've been using it for a couple of journal pages.

Made some eraserstamps for friends. Above (on the right) for Caatje's birthday. I used her artwork as an example. (visit her blog for more!)  Below (left) a stamp for my friend Loes. It's made after the logo she has for her company (she made it herself, check out her site). And below (right) a stamp to say thank you to some nice people with very good ideas (GoudaBruist).

Carving a stamp is real easy and after making all these stamps for other people, I tried one for myself. And that was the first one that didn't work out... I had been using pink erasers, but the last one I bought had teethmarks in it. I guess somebody thought it was a piece of candy;) So I bought a different brand after that for my own stamp. These didn't carve so well. (The stamp with 'monkiesmooiste' on it, is no longer with us;) Back to buying the nice pink ones and checking it for teethmarks!

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  1. Geweldig! vooral die met de kat ;-)

    De enige tip die werkt voor regelmatig journalen is 'gewoon beginnen'. Zelfs als je geen idee hebt wat te doen, gewoon beginnen. Helaas is dit ook meteen de moeilijkste tip om uit te voeren (heel gemeen).