Dec 26, 2011

Cat Xmas

Very happy to tell you Bob is feeling much better! He's back to his usual happy self. And to celebrate that we bought him a new toy...his own palace/paradise... He now can choose a place to sleep (depending on his mood or on the level of noise in the living room). His way of saying he liked it: discovering and trying the whole thing while we were not finished building it. He also had a very good view on our christmas dinner yesterday...watching it from above and calculating where his best options for a little piece of meat were!)

Writing this blog makes me realize I haven't done anything new in my journal since my last post... (have only two more pages left in my current journal and then I will move on to the beautiful owl journal Caatje made i afraid to ruin this beautiful journal? yes!!!) I will be working in it soon, cause next week I am taking a little vacation (on my own) and plan to draw and draw and...maybe take some photos...
Taking photos is one of the creative things I have been doing: trying to shoot one photo a day with my phone and blog them (an apple a day...). One photo each day doesn't work...No surprise here;) I am using my phone on purpose: hipsta app, so there's no zooming or adjusting possible..back to the old days when I didn't have fancy lenses and developped all my photos myself...

 (Bob drinking the water I used to clean my paintbrushes...)

A couple of weeks ago we've started our free Twitter class 'sketching for people who cannot draw' (funny exercises to rediscover the pleasure of drawing, look for #sfwcnd or follow @sketchcrawlgoud on twitter)

Lesson 2: Draw a row of houses or a row of flowers upside down (as if you're drawing for someone sitting across from you).

It's kind of stupid, but I just couldn't figure out how to start this one. Kept turning my journal and finally 'cheated' by looking at the upside down flowers and houses made by the others...

lesson 3: Draw a Christmas tree with both hands simultaneously.

Drawing with two hands simultaneously is not new for me, so I decided to make this one a little bit more difficult for myself...making a stopmotion video of myself making the drawing...(multitasking for Pro's;)) I set up a large tripod, attached my phone to it (don't have a photo of this, but it looks ridiculous: very proffessional large tripod and a very small phone on top).
Not so confident in making movies yet, I set the camera to manual for the first video. So there's no actual drawing in the video. After watching this (and getting irritated by having to put my crayons down between each photo and having to catch them cause they kept rolling away...) I tried to do a video where you can see me do the drawing. can see me, but there's no drawing in the video cause my head is blocking the view;) The only thing I am gonna let you see here, is the drawing I made....

But I had to try it again and tried a different angle and another drawing... (am proud of this one;)) To keep my head out of the video I stayed behind the tripod and had to work with my arms around it (more multitasking: making a drawing with two hands, while hugging my tripod and making a video of it!!!)  So glad there was nobody around with a camera;)

Merry Xmas (what's left of it;))


hope you all have a very good and creative 2012!

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  1. Hope you have a very creative 2012. Happy New Year!