Oct 16, 2011

Sketchcrawl Gouda

Had a wonderfull day yesterday!! We had two wonderfull locations: in a windmill and inside the house of Heleen (with a great view at the park and the mill). Thanx to Loes it was another well organised sketchcrawl!!!

here's some of my drawings (yes, I made some!!)

 semi-blind contour drawing

scribble&contour drawing

drawing the mill with the 'wrong' hand

and surprise, surprise: I took some photos...(video editing is not my specialty, sorry!)

and I am sure my friend Caatje will post some of her drawings and photos on her blog too;)


  1. Leuk leuk! Ik ga zeker dingen posten op mijn blog, maar weet nog niet precies wanneer, want moet de foto's nog door en de tekeningen nog scannen. Maar het komt eraan, promise.

  2. I've never heard of a sketchcrawl, but what a great idea! You had such a beautiful day, and such inspiring scenery. I enjoyed the images in your photos and video, especially the shadow of the windmill in the tree!

  3. thanx!

    @Caatje: ik hou je eraan;)

    @Andria: sketchcrawl is an international thing. more info on the international website http://www.sketchcrawl.com/ (maybe there's one near you? or you can arrange one near you??)

  4. Very productive day by the look of your sketchbook.
    Love you 'wrong' hand drawing and the chairs....Oh heck the scribble & contour too.

  5. Wonderful sketches and I watched your video...great job in my opinion, but then video editing is also not my specialty. Looks like you had a fun little group!

  6. The video is so cool =) Love the sketches too. Thanks for the comments ^^

  7. You've got some great sketches, glad you enjoyed your day!

  8. Great sketches, and the "wrong hand" one really works well!

  9. I am a fan of your blind contour drawing (Heleen's house). Indeed we had a fun group, but not 'little'. 80 people came tot the mill for Sketchcrawl Gouda!