Oct 20, 2011

Silly Saturday Scavenger Hunt

(scavenger hunter)

One of the last worksheets of the Art of Silliness workshop was the Silly Saturday Scavenger Hunt. It took me allmost a week to complete it (but hey: I did also did help organize the sketchcrawl...)

First: draw three one-liners from your garden, drawing of a leaf using your wrong hand, a quick sketch of a sleeping pet and line drawing of a plant using your dominant hand

Next: turn a sidewalk crack into an animal, one-liner of a vacuumcleaner from your imagination and one-liner of a vacuumcleaner while looking at it. (and I had a silly inspiration thing and 'invented' a vacuumcleaner on wind energy;))

Draw 5 negative shapes you see when walking outside. The first three were done on a visit to Rotterdam. I really thought the ship and the bridge would be easy...silly me;)

Draw your own shadow. By the time I was ready for this one...no sunshine;( And I tried to make a good shadow with a lamp but didn't like that... Lucky for me I had a very good photo of my shadow!!

Draw five things that catch your eye. Searching for something to catch my eye, I was walking around in the garden and noticed that some plants in the garden thought it was summer (fruit) and some already thought it was winter...

Draw a blind contour of a car, bicycle and banana

Draw a quick sketch of your house

Quick drawing of your face while looking at the mirror (grrr...why this one carla? ;))

all together... wow busy week!!!


  1. OH MY! They are all Marvellous!!!! I have seen Carla Sonheim's courses and they look like a lot of fun. Your house looks so 'Swiss' where do you live?

  2. Thank you! My house is in Holland, but the color is definitely not dutch;) it was that way when we moved there...