Jan 4, 2013

China Light Rotterdam








(A little copy and paste from their website:)


China Light Rotterdam will be the biggest and most exciting Chinese light event ever to be staged in Europe. Dozens of Chinese artists will transform the park at the foot of the Euromast into a fairytale paradise with illuminated, moving, figures. Dazzling laser shows, Chinese performances and Chinese culinary delights will immerse you into the world of magical, modern-day China. What better place to brighten up the dark winter months.

China Light Rotterdam brings the Chinese tradition of light festivals to Rotterdam. There are all kinds of different stories about how the light festivals first began. For centuries, lanterns and lampions have been lit on the fifteenth day of the first month in the Chinese calendar to pray for a good harvest, and gain the favour of Taiyi, god of heaven. According to a different legend, there was once a god who wanted to punish the human race by setting the fire to the earth. An old, wise man hit upon an ingenious solution: he got people light torches, lanterns and fireworks to fool the god into thinking the world was already burning, and leave mankind in peace.

Discover a tradition that China has celebrated for centuries.