Jul 12, 2012

EDM challenge 83 – Draw a nearby body of water

EDM challenge #83 – Draw a nearby body of water – ocean, lake, pond, river

Today I have been drawing at the harbor. There are always people there (like me) who like to watch the ships and they are perfect models!


  1. I gave you the Liebster award on my blog, check it out, don't feel pressure to play along, but I wanted to spread the love.

    1. Thank you Mary! I've been thinking about this for a couple of days. Although I feel hononered, I'm not gonna play/accept it... But anyway, thanks for thinking of me. I will spread the love (just not in the form of this award)

  2. lovely! And I did water today too - just coincidence though!

  3. Water is a magnet for all sorts of people and reasons - how nice to have a great place to draw. Enjoyed the sketches.