Mar 17, 2012

Journal update, owlbook

I have been busy doing all kinds of stuff, but there's only two new pages in my owljournal.

First photo: drawings made on my second visit to the Future Pass exhibition. Left page, below on the left: EDM 44 draw a stuffed animal (this one was part of the exhibition)

Next photo: Next sketchcrawl will be on april 21th. For our SketchcrawlGouda We found a beautiful place where we'll be drawing: Museumhaven, a little harbor with historical ships.
On the left page three stamps I made for the sketchcrawl and on the right page a drawing of one of the ships.


  1. Really nice sketchbook pages! ...and lovely looking journal too. I notice you have sewn around the!

  2. Very nice spreads, and I'm with Raena - I love the sewn pages! nancy

  3. Cute pages! :) The journal looks great!

  4. Hee, ik zou zweren dat ik hier op had gereageerd, maar blijkbaar niet. Raar hoe of dat in je hoofd werkt. In ieder geval: leuk om weer meer uit het owly book te zien. En die stempels blijven geweldig!