Feb 5, 2012

Journal update: owly book 2 & some Ugly Family doodles

On the left page: draw a present (an assignment from our free twitterclass @sketchcrawlgoud) and on the right page: draw something china (EDM assignment). I didn't have anything china that I wanted to draw, so I used a little wooden statue instead. It belonged to our grandmother, who passed away recently. On the bottom of that page: some old sowing materials, also from 'Grams'

Collages done after a visit to the Kunsthal, Rotterdam

On the left page: collages after visiting the Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam (see yesterdays blog) and on the right page: The whole country has gone crazy and is on skates;-) The skaters in my drawing thought I was the one who was crazy, cause I was drawing and not skating...


  1. This is a wonderful book - your heart and soul are into it and it is a delight to see. Fun creative creatures too!

  2. Geweldig om te zien hoe je het boek vult en de creatures blijven leuk!

  3. Cute sketches! I love them little wonkie animals ^&^