Jan 27, 2012

Journal update: owly book

A couple of weeks ago I went to my favorite dutch island: Vlieland.

In my bag:
- Welcome home gifts (toys) for my friend Caatje's new cat: Peer. He is soooo cute!!! I was so busy admiring him, forgot to take pictures;)
- my owly-book... It's so beautiful, I was scared to ruin it. So I figured: if it's the only book/journal with me, I have to work in it....
- my phone... I think it's my first time ever to go to Vlieland without my photocamera! The Iphone is (most of the time) a good replacement.

The first page in this journal. Caatje told me to just ruin it (the first page) so I could get over this stupid fear...Well I did! And paste a photo on top and on to the next page;)

Some drawings in the appartment. I've stayed in this building before and (no surprise) all the appartments are decorated in Beach theme...

My mobile phone provider had lots of trouble...so no phonecalls the whole week! Lucky for me, I did have internet and a old fashioned payphone in the building.  (EDM challenge 42 - Draw something you are thankful for;))

Beautifull walks on stormy beaches!

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  1. I really like the combination of photos and drawings.And the photos in the apple-a-day post too. Good stormy seas!

  2. Glad that you got over your fear. You have created a fun collection of memories.

  3. Wow! What a great journal! You have some wonderful ideas, and i love how you've put it all together. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is a nice idea, combining your sketches, photos, and writing. It looks great!

  5. This looks wonderful, you've included lots of things as well as you sketches..lovely!

  6. such cool pages =) these would make great treasures someday!