Nov 5, 2011

Messy blog;)

I've been doing lots of different things lately and somehow there's no time/energy/place (?) to post them on my blog. So this will probably become a bit messy and chaotic blog...time to show you all the real monkie;)

First my sketches for the Everyday Matters challenges:
#39: draw your toothbrush

#40: draw something with folds

For the next challenge (#41: draw a landmark of your city) I am looking for a nice place along the river to draw something of the industrial buildings or one of the bridges I see everyday. That's when I saw this:

This is a place in Holland, but the words are not so dutch... (something east european???). It's easy to make up some funny stories around this picture;)

November is a special month: it's NaNoJouMo!!! National Non-stop Journaling Month is a project by Dawn DeVries Sokol. (author of the book: Doodle diary, artjournaling for girls. My friend Caatje gave it to me as a present when she was visiting last SketchCrawl. I got the english version, but there's a dutch version too!! I really like it;))
But back to NaNoJouMo: There's a new prompt on a special blog each day in november. I liked the idea and decided to give it a try...

I am also doing a very early or very late spring cleaning ( I think a fall cleaning is much more logical, cause after living more outside than inside in the summer, my house really is a mess now;)). There are piles of magazines waiting for me to do something with them. Most of the time I don't know why I kept them. Collage is not my thing, but looking trough all those magazines with the beautiful photos and illustrations...I had to do something with them:) So NaNoJouMO will be my collage workout. My rule will be: use at least one photo/illustration/word from a magazine...

My collages have always been a little bit of a frustration for me. I have lots of photos and lots of drawings, but its always two separate things. And when I try to get them together on a page or even in the same book, I really don't like the result....
(suggestions for a good workshop are welcome;))

And of course I made some more ugly family is getting bigger!

Also tried monoprinting. I like doing this stuff, but again: don't what to use it for or how to integrate it with my drawings of photos....

Bob was really happy with the nice comments on the previous blogpost and asked for a raise...I bought him some more toys (he had just killed his favorite in a month: pretty cool for a 17+ year old cat he?)


  1. I like your sketch family! They're adorable :) and Bob is too cute!

  2. Great journal pages and thanks for the link about NaNoJouMO - I'm trying to keep up with my journaling and get back to drawing, so I have decided to use these prompts too and my rule will be to include at least a small bit of drawing on each page. Fingers crossed and good luck with the collage!

  3. Beautiful sketches! =) Love the kitty!!!

  4. Wat lekker veel om te zien en allemaal even leuk! Dapper dat je die dagelijkse collage gaat doen. Bob heeft zijn opslag ruimschoots verdiend! ;-)
    P.S. Kreadoe heeft mijn portemonnee nog nét niet helemaal leeggemaakt.

  5. Very nice job! And that Bob .... what a cat! nancy

  6. Wonderful pages! I have a difficult time combining collage and drawings too. Very interested in how to do a monoprint!