Jul 10, 2016

Sketchcrawl Gouda at GoudAsfalt

The place was beautiful, the weather was great, the music was very nice and the drawings were awesome!!!

Jun 11, 2016

Working in the 2nd artstronautsclub-journal

This morning I was watching a couple of video's on The Artstronautsclub and got inspired by Teesha. Had to search for my collage-moleskine, feels like the last time I played in it was years ago.

Above: started these pages today. 
Below: pages already in the journal and the cover (front + back)

May 22, 2016


Tadaa! My new journal:

It is a SenseBook, but I've altered it a little: added a little to the cover and a few elastic bands. 

May 21, 2016


just finished my latest woodburning project...

Next project probably will be a leather-burning project ;-)